Seven cooling jobs I am doing

I am going to write for 22 more minutes and head to the sea at 11 in the morning for a chill ride and some breakfast.

Some people eat a chocolate croissant each morning with their coffee in the cafes, but I prefer to have an apple and kefir to fuel my body with something other than sugar.

It gives me energy and I get a lot of probiotics from the kefir to keep my immune system strong and give me a good dose of protein as well. My flatmate makes the kefir for me, cooling it down in the fridge afterwards so that I can enjoy it for days to come. We subtract the cost of that kefir from the rent and I get to eat better quality probiotics as a result. She works at this local business and they make a lot of fermented foods, some of which I end up buying from her to help her out a bit. I mainly eat kefir from her but she also makes some really good sauerkraut, which I like to eat each day in the evening to load up once again on those probiotics. I work for this local contractor in town and I think they could probably sell some of her fermented foods to the HVAC customers who come in each day. I think probiotics are really good for the body and maybe help ward off a lot of diseases too. I will buy some jars from the HVAC rep and use them to store more kefir in the fridge.
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