She took her through the steps to change an air filter

My sister wasn’t sure how setting up her business would go.

But, I am so happy that she didn’t allow uncertainty to hold her back.

She was working at the time, and wanted different ways to invest her earnings. A friend suggested stocks and a business. Knowing my sister, she was going to try and do both, but not without some research first. She managed to get a mentor in the world of investing, and started growing her portfolio. Next, she worked on learning about business since she had been an employee ever since she was 16. My sister was loving the whole world of social media and online business. She began noticing the need for aesthetically pleasing places to take Instagram worthy photos and her business was born. She had 5 such places spread across the state, and is planning to expand. My sister also recently bought a cabin, and it’s in the most beautiful place. One major upgrade she wanted done to the cabin was setting up a new heating system. The previous owners had used a wood stove for a long time, but she wanted to also have the option of a gas furnace. A wood stove does have its merits, but she wanted that to be for emergencies, or nights she wanted a more ambient feeling in the cabin. Otherwise, a gas furnace was faster at heating the cabin, and maintaining an even temperature at all times. In addition, my sister also upgraded her heat pump which would come in handy during summer. During the heat pump installation, the HVAC expert showed her how to change air filters and my sister was so grateful.

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