Smart thermostats and robot vacuum cleaners

It is nice having a robot do all of my vacuuming in my flat as I really don’t enjoy the chore too much.

I have hardwood floors and very little clutter in my flat, so the robot does a great job of cleaning the floors each day for me.

It saves me a lot of time and my robot cat litter machine saves me a lot of time too. I also have a robot feeding and watering station for my cats, so I could leave for a week and they wouldn’t even care. I got these cats from the local business and the cats keep each other company when I am out of town doing some HVAC system repairs. I have left for up to a week and when I come back my cats are totally fine. They have air conditioning and music playing while I am gone and they keep each other company in my climate controlled flat. I don’t have to do much in this flat except for cooking and washing the dishes, which doesn’t take that long to do. I have a good air purifying system in here to keep the dust and pollen down to a minimum, and the HEPA filter does a great job of removing all the other stuff that keeps the indoor air quality down. I pretty much just have to put the food away that gets delivered to my flat and cook meals for dinner. The local contractor helped me streamline my life like this when we were going to HVAC tech school years ago.

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