So disappointed that dream house has ancient HVAC

My husband and I have been on the market for a new house for at least a year now, and frankly, we’re getting pretty desperate. It seems like we’ve looked everywhere and tried every means of house hunting, but we still can’t find a place that meets all of our specifications. We simply want to be able to live outside of a suburb on a small piece of property with some tree cover and a reasonably sized fenced in yard. We want a basement and a patio for instruments and grilling, respectively. We also want to have at least two spare rooms for guests and hobbies. We just haven’t had any luck finding these amenities without our price range and we’re getting pretty downtrodden. That’s why we were so stoked when what appeared to be our dream house popped up on the market! The only trouble is, we’ve recently found out it has a wildly outdated HVAC plan. Now, we are willing to compromise on a lot of things, but a faulty central heating and cooling system is going to be a tough sell for us. We’re well aware of the hidden costs of ventilation repair and replacement, and we are not looking forward to hiring a local HVAC dealership on retainer for our imminent heating and cooling disaster. We’ve been trying to negotiate with the sellers, offering less cash after considering the pending HVAC replacement costs, but so far they’re not budging. I’m going to be so disappointed if we can’t get this dream property because of a stupid old HVAC system!


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