Social media influencers made me buy space heater

I will be the first to admit that I have a little bit of a problem buying items that influencers promote on social media.

Some of the items I buy are things that I truly need, but the majority of the items I buy are things that I want.

I was recently browsing social media when one of my favorite influencers was talking about a space heater that she is absolutely obsessed with. She put a link for the space heater on her page and a spot to click on to bring you to the website to purchase the space heater. I did not absolutely need a space heater because I do have central heat in my home, but the influencer really made me want to buy the space heater. The influencer said that the space heater is great if your feet get really cold throughout the day or night, or if you just want to feel toasty and cozy in the winter. I live in the northeast region of the country where winters are brutal, so anything to make me feel warm and cozy interests me. I clicked the link to purchase the space heater and used a discount code that the social media influencer provided on her page. I thought the price was reasonable.As soon as the space heater arrived, I could tell why the social media influencer loved it. I put the space heater in the living room while I watched movies and I felt so warm and cozy. I put the space heater in my office while I worked and it kept my feet warm. The space heater was absolutely worth the money!

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