Sometimes online shopping doesn’t work

I love online shopping way more than going in person.

I like that I can wear pjs, have my hair in a knot and not put on makeup.

Nobody can see me and I can spend hours researching and hemming and hawing over a purchase. I rarely make a purchase that I am bummed about. When I am in person, I feel obligated to buy. If a salesperson puts in the effort, I feel I have to reward them. That is how I end up with jeans that fall down my butt, shoes that look like an old womans and a chair in my office that doesn’t match anything else. There are certain things that are difficult to get right when you buy online. I am typically pretty careful when the size of the object matters. I have lucked out getting properly sized rugs, pots and even grocery items. Recently I have been messing up buying air filters for my HVAC system. For some reason I just can’t get this right. For my first attempt, I didn’t even consider sizing. I looked up my HVAC model and what type of air filter I should get. I then bought the cheapest one. Well I bought a baby sized air filter that didn’t fit in my system. Next time I got the perfect measurements and then realized I got the wrong type. The third time I accidentally bought a washable filter and that was horrible. Finally I have purchased the right air filter, but it took way longer and more money when I could have gotten it right in person.



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