Son has never been good at much… but HVAC

I am a truly loving wife and mother.

My family means the world to me, and I don’t know what I would possibly do without my wonderful husband and son.

That being said, they are both complete idiots. Before you jump down my throat, you need to understand some of the things they’ve done in the past. These incidents include getting electrocuted on a regular basis, finding creative ways to break their fingers and toes, and occasionally burning down the garage. As such… I haven’t necessarily felt the most confident about my son’s future. He isn’t widely skilled, but there is one area in which he truly excels. He is the heating and cooling wiz in the family. Ever since he was a small child, this kid had the most uncanny ability to adjust the thermostat preemptively to establish the most comfortable indoor air conditions possible. We would casually mention the weather forecast around him, and realize later on that the indoor temperature control had been adjusted. At first, we were annoyed with his unsolicited temperature changes, but after a few mishaps, we realized that his settings always made the house amazingly comfortable when the heat wave, heavy winter storm, or humidity set in. It was like he had a sixth sense for anticipating what the central heating and cooling plan needed to keep us happy. All of that being said, with so few promising leads, I have encouraged my son to start his own HVAC business. He would certainly fill a unique ventilation niche. If he doesn’t burn down their houses, he can specialize in detailed thermostat programming for the most luxurious homes and comfort-conscious individuals in the city.
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