Space heaters are a thing of the past

I am waiting to go to the store for some bread because it is usually pretty crowded up until about 3pm, so that means I have about an hour and forty more minutes to burn before I head there to get my stuff.

I will probably buy some red skinned potatoes because I am craving some chicken and potatoes with rosemary tonight.

I make it with onions, red bell pepper, and tomatoes and cook them all in a big pot on low for several hours. That will be tonight’s cuisine for my flatmate and I, and I think the fireplace is going to need to have a fire in it while we eat and listen to some light jazz instrumental music. We like to hang out for a couple of hours in the living room with the cats and listen to music while we eat our meal and chat a bit. I have the whole home air purifier running while I burn some Indian incense so that it doesn’t get too smokey in here and lower the air quality too much in the place. It isn’t good to be breathing in all of that smoke from the incense, but I like the smell so I burn it anyway. But I think it is good to have an air purifier or even a HEPA filter in the main HVAC system to clean some of the smoke from the air so it doesn’t all go into our lungs. It should be a fun night and I am ready to have a nice fire in the place too.

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