Sticking with our seasoned gas furnace

I’m just not ready

My gas furnace is nearly twenty years old. It was already installed when both of us bought the house. The gas furnace has been actually well taken care of. The original owners kept a record of annual service and filter changes. They’d enrolled in a service program with a local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier that transferred over to use after both of us bought the property. I’ve kept up with yearly, professional inspection, cleaning and tuning. I’ve made sure to change the air filter every month separate from fail, however a few years ago, I invested in a smart thermostat to help conserve energy and reduce strain on the gas furnace, then because of these efforts, the gas furnace remains operational despite its age. I am reluctant to replace it. The gas furnace has been lovelyly reliable! We’ve had only a couple of minor repairs. It continues to put out plenty of heat and keep us comfortable every winter. However, every fall, the specialist who provides the proactive upkeep warns me that the gas furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan. He explains how it would be better to replace it before Wintertide than face a abrupt malfunction and be separate from heat. He also tells me how much more energy efficient modern furnaces are. I suppose all this. I’ve looked into the newer models, the AFUE ratings and all the technological advances. I could update to an Energy Star rated gas furnace and take fortune of zone control. I’m just not ready. I know a sense of loyalty to the seasoned gas furnace, and I’d enjoy to see how long it will last, however so fair, it shows no signs of failing.


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