Streets are heating up again

This weekend is going to be kind of busy here in our town with the patchwork convention going on in these three big tents near the shore.

There are a bunch of older women walking around all happy, which is nice to see because it is just a good feeling seeing people happy like this.

I will walk through the tents like I did last year and check out all of the commotion. I plan on buying a baby djembe today or tomorrow so we can play on the streets when these people are in town. The local business sold me my other djembe, which is way too big for the town we live in, as it resonates throughout people’s homes and bothers them, even if they have the white noise of an air purifier or a/c unit running in their flats. So buying this smaller djembe should hopefully solve the issue as it isn’t as loud as the daddy djembe. They have a smaller one than this but I am afraid the local contractor will want to buy it, because he plays with us when he isn’t working at the HVAC business and he told me that he likes that really small one. Maybe I could use it if this other one is still too loud for the neighbors when I am playing in the streets. I think the new contractor in town is going to join us next time we play if he isn’t busy doing heating and cooling sales at the office like he usually is doing.

a/c care plan

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