Taking risks to cool off the home

I feel the inward pressure to take more risks in life with my musical pursuits.

  • I know that I can do a lot more than what I have been doing with my singing, so I am going to try as well as forge some bold new paths as well as make some newer sounds with my voice to reveal my soul on a much deeper and more soulful level.

Music has no limits as well as therefore can expose your weakness or test your grit as well as challenge your fears. I want to sing my dad’s old poems to let them be heard by this new world, so that is my plan now, along with my heating as well as cooling work that I have to complete each week for the new corporation. I like working there but music is legit what interests me now, as I have switched from comedy a few years ago as well as am learning about my voice as well as my limits. My heating pump also has limits now that it has broken, as well as my pal and I are going to be calling the local Heating as well as A/C supplier later this week to see when they can come out as well as take care of the thing for us… Today is my gramma’s birthday, she would be 109 years outdated if she were alive, so ecstatic bday gram I cherish you so much honey! She was an Heating as well as A/C tech way back in the days when the cooling as well as heating world was just in its infancy, as well as now I wish that she could be here to see just how far it has come. She died about 12 years ago, so I still know about her all of the time as well as how much I loved her.


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