Ten mountains of heating supplier work to climb

I feel like I have to climb Mount Everest this morning with all of the work I’ve yet to accomplish.

I am getting a late start after hanging out with my athlete crew at a bar last night till pretty late in the evening.

I left before any of them did because I was getting really hungry and needed a shower. It was not easy jumping in that shower because we have no hot water, so when the cold water hits you at night like that it really gives you a shock. I’m still waiting for the hot water boiler that I ordered online almost a month ago and still hasn’t arrived. I messaged the company and they told me they are checking on it, which hopefully is the truth. The HVAC company has been in business for years so I am sure they are legit, but you never know when you buy heating equipment online from a company you have never used before. My brain is kind of foggy right now, but in about 30 more minutes I will take a trot down to the cold sea and jump in it for a minute or two to get my mind working at full speed again. I like cooling down my body rapidly in the sea like that and then come home and work on heating it up again next to my little radiant heater that I put on low when I am back in my office. I just like to get my hands nice and warm so my fingers are good at typing fast.


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