That baby was not safe in that room

When I visit a customer’s condo to provide a Heating plus A/C maintenance call, I am supposed to keep all my political and personal opinions to myself, and it is crucial that the customer get the facts plus only the facts.

There are times when I want to give my opinion as well, however a week ago I responded to a repair call at a condo downtown, however the person called because the old gas furnace was not warming the entire lake house the way it should.

I identified a couple of separate problems while I was there, then one concern was due to a dirty air filter, another issue concerned the old gas furnace. Another separate issue was the duct task inside of the attic. I checked the surrounding ductwork just to be certain that airflow was reaching every single section of the house. That’s when I realized how the ductwork above 1 of the home offices had come loose plus needed repairs. The damage to the ductwork was significant plus I felt that it was such a safety hazard, then since this turned out to be a room where there was an infant sleeping, I urged the customer to follow my advice plus repair the ductwork in the home office before an accident happened. I do not think the customer planned to do any of the repairs until I made it sound that they were disappointing parents if they let the concern persist plus put the baby’s health plus well-being in jeopardy. They did the repairs that were necessary plus nobody ever contacted my boss to complain so I guess my advice made a big difference.


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