The A/C fan was replaced

Vivian was living her best life now that the divorce process was over.

She got half of the money and properties from her ex-husband and custody of their last-born daughter.

To avoid any more run-ins with her in-laws, Vivian had chosen to relocate closer to her parents, and her daughter was excited to live near her grandparents and that the fighting between her folks was over, and Vivian purchased a home about a mile from her parents home, but it needed some upgrading. Part of this entailed installing a new central cooling and heating system to serve them throughout the year. According to the AC vendor who sold it to Vivian, the new AC unit was one of the best in the market. After the purchase, the unit supplier sent over several heating and cooling experts to Vivian’s home to take care of the heating system replacement process. Vivian was ecstatic with her progress, and she finally moved into the home a month later. One morning, she noticed a problem with the cooling system in the house. It had been over a year since she moved in and summertime. The home was getting warmer and uncomfortable despite the AC system being set in cool mode. This had Vivian worried, so she decided to contact the AC specialists who had set it up in her home. They had given Vivian a two year free repair and service plan, after which she’d spend a small amount for the continuation of the services. When the heating and a/c mechanic examined the AC unit, he noted a problem with the AC fan, it was impeding airflow into the house. The expert replaced the broken fan with a new one and cleaned out dust in the system before switching it back on.


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