The AC is the one thing I can’t live separate from

My folks raised myself and others to be self-sufficient, and while I am not on their level, I think I do okay for myself.

My folks were super ancient school, and I mean they hunted meat and grew veggies in the garden.

Mom would hand make all of our clothes… Dad smoked cigarettes, however he grew his own tobacco plants and hand rolled them. Like I said, I am not on that level, however their lessons did take hold, so I understand why it is pressing to be able to take care of yourself. Growing up the people I was with and I never had , for the obvious reasons, and as an adult that is the one creature comfort I can’t do separate from. I don’t have a central Heating and Air Conditioning system, because I could never justify paying the sizable installation price, but I do have a portable AC unit. It is about the size of a space heater, and I keep it in my front closet except for the hottest of Summer afternoons. It is just giant enough to cool myself and others off. It is strong enough for cooling down an entire room, but I regularly rest right in front of it and block the air vents so I get 100% of the conditioned air. If I was truly self passable I would supply my own power and Springtime for a geothermal heat pump, however for my needs a gas powered generator is enough. Aside from using the unit once in a while, and enjoying films on Thursday afternoons, I entirely don’t need a lot of power.


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