The AC service professional was almost an eighth late for the tune-up

Every May & November, I have a tune-up performed on the heating & A/C components inside of my grocery store. I have owned the grocery store for the past 25 years. About 5 years ago, I had to spend $20,000 to upgrade the heating & A/C components & all of the air duct. At that time, I signed up for a service contract that gives myself and others 2 free plan tune-ups in the Spring & fall seasons. I called the heating & A/C supplier to schedule the tune up for May. I chose the 17th, because it was a Tuesday & I knew business would be slow. I busy the heating & A/C plan service appointment for 9 am. The grocery store opens at 7 am, however the heating & A/C service provider did not have anything earlier than nine. The professional assigned to the commercial heating & A/C tasks did not show up until 10 in the day. The girl parked in the handicap space & took up 2 spots; She slammed the door of the truck & kicked a can into the street. She did not have her shirt tucked into her pants & her boots were unlaced. The girl did not look professional at all & I was very unhappy with the service provider. I let the girl start working on the system, however I called the heating & A/C service provider & I venued a formal complaint about the professional assigned to complete the commercial service that day. I did not actually want that fool to come back to my venue of business.

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