The Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced Often

One of the greatest responsibilities I have as a homeowner is taking care of our HVAC system.

It wasn’t until I moved into our first beach beach house that I realized the importance of hiring an HVAC professional twice per year to service both the oil furnace and the air conditioner.

It didn’t take long for myself and others to realize that homes didn’t have working heat and air by chance. Instead, you had to put in the effort to keep your HVAC method running smoothly. Although I hire an HVAC professional twice per year, I still love to manage the HVAC method the rest of the year on our own. I make sure to scrub the outside condenser device with soap and water, I clear the leaves and sticks away from the bottom of the unit, and I upgrade our air filter whenever it’s jammed. I didn’t realize that I could change the air filter myself until an HVAC professional showed myself and others how to do it. The HVAC professional said that changing the air filter twice per year wasn’t enough, because it slowed down the air flow. I needed to change it at least twice in between the times an HVAC professional inspected our HVAC system. I agreed, but I struggled to find a great time to upgrade the air filter. I didn’t want to consistently check it to see if it was full or not. The HVAC professional recommended that I upgrade it halfway between each tuneup or if there was a significant increase in our utility bill.

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