The Best of the Best A/C Units That Money can Buy

I just purchased a brand new portable air conditioner unit for our home office, and I have to tell you that this brand new portable air conditioner is entirely the best of the best! I had a portable air conditioner plan about four years ago that broke on me because it was cheap.

And that portable air conditioner did not even cool the room particularly well. However, this portable air conditioner that I purchased, entirely cools off the home really well. I have never in my life thought that a portable air conditioner could cool a home like this. It almost has the same power as a central heating and air conditioner’s cooling, but not quite. It may be the same as having a really good window air conditioner from back in the day, but this one is portable. I can take the portable air conditioner anywhere I want and it will work just the same. I even have taken it a few times into our bedroom at night to save on the energy usage of our central heating and air conditioner unit. It works really well for that too. I purchased the portable air conditioner because it was on sale, otherwise I may not have purchased it because the price of the portable air conditioner can get a little lavish. But I am particularly excited with our purchase of this brand new and powerful portable air conditioner unit. It was a really good decision on my part to buy it!

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