The box had a space heater in it

When it comes to purchasing different items, Alan will buy them online and then pick them up from the store the next day.

He finds this saves him money.

Alan usually gets the same online deals but saves money for shipping. Anyways, the most popular shop Alan does this with is the soap store. A wonderful store that has several soap varieties that are all handmade. They even come with custom designs on them. They are quite awesome. The second thing is Heating & A/C products. To be precise, Alan usually buys air filters online, and then picks them up from the local a/c store. Alan went to pick up a pack of air filters this week actually, and what happened was quite surprising. They handed him a box with his name on it, and as he picked it up, he noticed it was heavier than usual. Alan didn’t think much of it before opening it, but when he opened it, it was a space heater. This was certainly not what he ordered. As tempting as it was to keep the space furnace, Alan knew he had to go back and tell the HVAC store what happened. After they diagnosed their database, they obviously had someone else coming to pick up their heater with the same name as he has. They took back the heating system and offered Alan his air filters. He was glad to get his air filters, but kind of sad to see the portable heating device go. However, it was never his to begin with.


Space heater

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