The clean air will fix you fast

Wake up plus expect a coughing plus sneezing storm, if you’re near me, anyways.

  • That was our common day.

Runny nose plus yellow eyes, I look like a goddamn zombie in the day. I’m not sure why I have such awful dust sensitivities, because none of our family suffer from it, however either way, that was our reality for a long time. It wasn’t actually until I had finally had enough, plus started doing research on how to get rid of this sneezing mess, that I started to improve. Apparently some people can be entirely highly sensitive to their surroundings, so if everything is not perfect, then their dust sensitivities will start to act up. I am unfortunately 1 of those people. When I moved in with our bestie, she continually helped myself and others with our dust sensitivities by gifting myself and others a beach condo media air cleaner. Air purifiers clean the air of any bacteria plus other stuff that can work to irritate your sinuses. She didn’t just get myself and others any air cleaner though, she also made sure to get myself and others a UV media air cleaner, which is known to have a far higher efficiency rate than the moderate 1s, thanks to the ultraviolet light. Something else I finally did to improve our indoor air conditions is get better HVAC filters. Once I had substituted our cheap factory grade filters with HEPA air filters, I noticed an drastic difference. With the whole beach condo media air cleaners plus the bettr a/c filters, the difference was between evening plus day. I could finally breathe for once, without the worry of having a super blocked nose. It was plus still is an incredible feeling.

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