The country house is absolutely perfect

My wife and I looked for a piece of property that we could use as our country house. We already had a large apartment in the city with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. My wife and I were spending a fortune on rentals and the country and we thought it was a great idea to buy a piece of property that was just for us. We looked for months and months and we finally found the perfect place. One thing that we loved the most was the stable and the barn. The property came with two horses and a pole barn full of cows and chickens. My wife and I did not know the first thing about farming, but we were ready to give it a try. We had to make some repairs to the house in the beginning. One of the problems that really needed to be addressed was the issue with the furnace. My wife and I wanted to use the house during the winter months and that meant we needed to fix the furnace immediately. I called a service and paid a fortune for the company to drive all the way to the country to replace the furnace. I didn’t mind paying the fees since we found the house of our dreams, but I would have preferred to pay less money. My wife and I spend every weekend at the country house now and we absolutely love having a place to call our own. One day we will raise a family at this place, but that’s several years in the future.

a/c serviceman

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