The delivery man couldn't believe the size of the package.

I didn’t want to purchase an air conditioning unit through the HVAC company.

When they gave the price for the AC unit, I thought I was going to faint.

I couldn’t believe anyone would pay more than $5000 for a central air conditioning unit. I started looking online, and I found several places where I could buy the air conditioner. The one site offered an air conditioner that was less than $1000 and that included tax and delivery. When the delivery man arrived, he asked if there was anyone available to help him with the package. He said he couldn’t pick it up and get it into the house on his. When I said I had no one, and I couldn’t help because I had shoulder surgery. He wrestled the AC unit off the truck and let it on the sidewalk. I called the HVAC company and told them I had the air conditioning unit and I wanted them to come to the house and install it. I was no longer getting free installation, and I had to get the AC unit off the sidewalk. It was blocking people walking, and I couldn’t leave it there for the three days it was going to take to get the HVAC technician to the house. From the delivery man not believing how big the package was and leaving it on the sidewalk, and now needing to pay someone to get the AC unit onto the porch, buying the AC unit online was becoming a huge pain. When the HVAC technician finally arrived, he told me the air conditioning was the wrong size, and it was used and not brand new.

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