The early summer cookout tipped me off to there being an issue with the A/C

It wasn’t until we had a cookout recently when I realized there was something wrong with our HVAC system.

The HVAC was really struggling to target the indoor climate control settings when we had a lot of people over.

The A/C was not as cold as it was supposed to be at all and so I called out an HVAC professional. He was able to come out the next day and that’s when he told me that there were numerous leaks around my ductwork system. He explained how all the A/C was basically escaping before it could get to the desired locations in my home and he said that my energy bills were likely out of control. Fortunately, we had just got into the summer season and we hadn’t been using the A/C system like crazy. So I went for the ductwork sealing service which was expensive, but it definitely was worth it! After the initial spike in my energy bills, now my electric bill is lower than ever after getting the ductwork sealing handled. I still think that I might not have noticed if we didn’t have the cookout in the beginning of the summer. It would have taken me a few more outrageous energy bills to realize that the A/C system was in dire need of help, and that was to fix the problem with the ductwork system. I’m happy I was able to get everything fixed before we got into the middle of the summer with the heatwave that came through. Fortunately, our A/C worked fine through the rest of the summer.

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