The guy brought me a window AC unit while I waited until the next day

Luckily, the guy gave me a really nice window AC unit until the next day.

My wife and I were having some trouble with the central air conditioner in our home. It was running constantly and still not maintaining the proper temperature on the thermostat. I had the thermostat set for 74 degrees, and the central AC still ran constantly all day long. In the middle of the day the best the system could do was to cool the house to 77 degrees. The electric bills were getting higher and higher, so I decided to call an AC repair service. I made the appointment on Wednesday. A very kind and helpful AC repair technician came to the house to investigate the issue. He looked at all of the different parts of the system and determined that the problem was the motor for the blower. It wasn’t working properly and that was the reason why we did not have enough cold air in the house. It was very expensive to replace the blower motor and the AC repair technician could not get the equipment until the following day. Luckily, the guy gave me a really nice window AC unit until the next day. He installed the window AC unit in the kitchen so my family and I could have dinner in the cool air. They offered to install a second window AC and the living room, but I honestly didn’t think it was necessary. The following day, the AC repair technician arrived on time and completed the repair and installation process. The AC technician took the window units back to the whop after our problem was fixed.

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