The heated pool was a nice touch for the weekend

My wife wanted everyone to meet at a hotel for the weekend so we could all see each other before the last of our children went off to college.

  • She is crazy sentimental like that and it’s hard for her to admit that the last baby is leaving the nest.

We got three hotel rooms that were adjacent to each other. One hotel room was for my son and his wife. Another room was for my two grown sons who are18 and 20. I didn’t think they would have an issue sharing a room. They have been sharing a room for the past ten years. We got rooms at a four star hotel and resort. The place had two pools and a bar and plenty of activities for the family. The kids were pretty happy about the heated pool. It was called that weekend and a little rainy, but the fact that the pool was heated made everything okay. We spent most of our day in the heated pool on saturday. We ordered room service straight to the pool and it was almost like the kids were young again. My wife and I are sure going to miss them now that all of them are out of the house and in college. I doubt any of them will ever come back to the house to live with us again. They are all very independent and looking forward to starting a life of their own. We did a great job, but I still hope they come home for the holidays.

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