The hotel room had such a nice heater

My partner Jo plus myself were on our way home from her parents condo plus the two of us got stuck in traffic in the city. The six hour traffic jam caused major troubles plus both of us were exhausted before the two of us were halfway to our home. Jo decided to stop at a hotel for a couple of hours of rest. Even if Jo only slept until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, at least the two of us were able to rest our eyes plus our body in a nice, comfy position instead of in the front seat of the car. Jo checked into the hotel around 11:00 p.m. The hotel room had wash sheets plus an overheated heater. I turned on the oil furnace plus put the temperature at 70°. It warmed up inside of the hotel room quickly. Jo plus I slept until 4:30. The sunlight was just starting to show however it was still so dark outside. Jo had enough rest to drive the rest of the way back modern home plus our early beginning made it possible for us to completely miss most of the afternoon town traffic jam. When the two of us finally got a modern home for a 2-hour apartment, both of us laid down plus fed the dog plus took a nice nap for a couple of hours. Every one of us really should have planned for that extra time. Next time the two of us go to see her mom plus dad, I’m going to make sure that Jo and I can stay in a hotel so the two of us never have to recognize the rush. I guess that the drive would have been much better if the two of us were not feeling so rushed.



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