The HVAC company even helped us move

It’s weird that at the top of the things I’m going to miss about this community is the HVAC company.

  • That’s not exactly the sort of thing you’d normally hear I guess.

But in the short time we were a member of that community, the HVAC professionals were great to us. My wife and I moved here for work and thought that this would be the place that we would stick and start a family. We had both had to relocate several time in order to get ahead in our careers. So having this house and being able to renovate it the way we wanted to was a dream come true. There were plenty of great professionals to help us with our vision for the house. But none were more expert or more on top of stuff than the HVAC company. They came recommended by just about anyone we asked. I even asked a stranger in the grocery store and sure enough, she recommended this HVAC company. They took such great care with the heating and cooling in our home. We wanted the latest in residential HVAC but were on a bit of a budget. Still, we got great HVAC equipment and all the HVAC technology that we were hoping for. Along with zone controlled HVAC, we had a smart thermostat as well that controlled all the heating and cooling in our home. We had just finished off the kitchen renovations when my wife found out she had to relocate again. That was a tough one but the HVAC company even helped us sell our house. They provided promotional material for prospective buyers on the new HVAC equipment. And they even provided me a list of recommended HVAC companies to help us with our next house in our new town.


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