The local Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation I worked for rewarded our mum with a new GEO AC unit while I was in the test phase

We desired a new AC system for our mom’s house. She had sacrificed a lot for us as kids ever since dad left. Many knew that our mom chose to raise us as a single mom even when she didn’t have to. She even worked many tasks to supply us a fine life. She held it together, but our sister plus I could see that it took a lot of sacrifices for her to supply us with such a life. We worked really hard at university plus never disappointed her. We got college scholarships, plus I was studying to become an immigration lawyer, whereas our twin sister was studying medicine. She wanted to become a pediatrician. Mom could not be prouder of her girls. She could now afford to work only a single task since her bills had reduced, but still, there was not much comfort. We planned to replace her once we started laboring plus even had plans to buy her a new home. However, we still hoped that she could live comfortably even before all that happened. So when there was a draw to win a GEO Heating, Ventilation and A/C system that was being introduced, I entered mom without her knowledge. I hoped that she would win plus get the new unit installed in her house. It seems the heavens heard our prayer as she emerged victoriously. She could not suppose it when the Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation called her with the news. I later told her what I had done, plus she was ecstatic I cared that much to consider her comfort. I will really do anything for our mama.

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