The new furnace can heat a pool

My partner Tom plus I bought a new condo with an inground pool. When the two of us bought the house, the first thing Tom talked about was adding a heater to the pool. Every one of us had a lot of things going on during that first month plus Tom never got around to getting a quote from the heating or pool businesses. I was at job one afternoon when my partner called me; Tom said that she sent myself and others a message to my job address. The text turned out to be a quote that Tom had gotten from a business in town that was willing to install the pool heater. I didn’t realize that Tom was planning to do the heating job separate from me. She clearly had her mind set that the pool was going to have heat. I really believe that I should not argue with Tom when she has a system in her mind. I told her that she should check around to see if there was a cheap business to do the work. Tom told myself and others that she wanted to hire the contractor that gave her the estimate. He was the one that Tom liked. The cost for heating the pool plus affixing everything to the furnace was not as steep as I anticipated. Heating the pool was actually less money than adding a more modern furnace to the house. I was cheerful that Tom went ahead plus got the quote after I saw how cheaply the two of us could complete the work. Now Tom and I have a pool with heat that the two of us can use all Winter season season.
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