The new uniform sizes are smaller than the others

My boss called a staff meeting last Monday to let all of the employees know that we were getting brand new uniforms.

He wanted each employee to review the chart and make sure the sizes were correct and up to date. I always wear medium pants and a shirt, and that is what was listed on the sheet. I placed my initials on the line with my name indicating that I approve of the sizes. I was pretty happy to receive a few new uniforms. I got three shirts and pants when I started working for the HVAC repair company about six months ago. In the first week of the job, I tore one of my shirts and I have been rotating two every week. The HVAC repair company uniforms came in yesterday and the boss passed out our new uniforms. I thought my shirt looked really small, but the tag said medium. I didn’t put the shirt on my body until later that night. Sure enough, the shirt barely fit. It was tight around the neck and the sleeves. There was no way the uniform shirt was actually a size medium. This morning, I talked to my boss about the new sizes and the shirts. I wasn’t the only person upset about the fit. Several other HVAC repairmen were upset that the new uniform shirts did not fit. I hope the clothing company will replace the shirts that don’t fit, because I can’t wear any of the ones that I got. It was huge waste of time and money.


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