The old boiler had to go

I adore my aunt.

  • Since my parents’ deaths, she has been one of the most important people in my life.

Their accident happened so quickly that I was left an orphan in one night. Thankfully, my aunt did not hesitate in taking in a scared 5-year-old and raising him to be a successful adult. She ensured that I fit in perfectly with his family, and now my cousins are more like my siblings. Despite working far away, I always make an effort to go home and visit him. My coworker and I talk a lot at work, and I consider him to be my best friend. This past summer, I went to see him, as well as my friend, and we discussed some changes to the house. A new boiler was at the top of my wish list. My aunt rarely wants to change anything about his house, but there are some parts that are outdated. The heating system is nearly 20 years old and was giving him trouble last winter. Because the boiler had stopped working, my aunt had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning service company twice. I did some research on the best heating system with a reliable AFUE rating and then went to work having it installed in the house. My cousins were unable to travel household, so my friend and I agreed that I would assist my aunt with the task. My friend and I contacted the Heating and Air Conditioning service company to inquire about installing a new heating system in our home. The Heating and Air Conditioning expert who came to do an inspection thought my buddy and I could also benefit from a new air conditioning system, so my buddy and I decided to get both. Before I left, I made sure to update both the heating and air conditioning systems, which saved us money.



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