The system was too smart for me

I recently house sat for my brother Kevin and it was awesome and awful at the same time. It was awesome because my brother has a totally sweet house. His home is huge with a big inground swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and lounge area. He also has a separate workout room with a treadmill, sit down bike, weight bench and yoga mats. The best is the state of the art kitchen with all new appliances, marble countertops and a huge farmhouse sink. The awful part is that my brother is really into staying up to date with technology. Everything he owns is a smart product. He has his indoor and outdoor lights all on a timer. He has his pool heater and cleaning on a timer as well. Also, controlled from the same smart pad is security cameras, door locks and window locks. A recent add on was a smart HVAC system. My brother now has heating, cooling and air quality adjustments to make on his smart pad. He has a whole weekly program of what HVAC setting is happening in what specific room. When I house sat for him, I think my brother wanted me to be comfortable. He upped the cooling function in the whole house. It was freezing cold and I didn’t know how to change it. The last thing I wanted to do was possibly turn off security cameras or stop his pool cleaning. So I just froze the entire time or hung outside his house. I felt too stupid to operate the smart system.

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