The war effort was hard

Since the war started, our country has been short on certain materials like metal & iron.

To help the cause, the military demanded that every citizen supply up their central air conditioners & window air conditioners.

While giving up an air conditioner component doesn’t seem like a giant deal, you must realize that most of the world is now desert because of a nuclear explosion & everybody lives or dies by their air conditioners. Without an air conditioner component in their home, various people would die of heat stroke. Many people tried to fight for their central air conditioners & window air conditioners, however the military had their way & forced everyone to supply up their precious central air conditioner & window air conditioners. My wifey & I handed over our central air conditioner, however my friend and I hid our window air conditioner in a hidden chest in our basement, & the government soldiers couldn’t find it. Since my friend and I were able to keep our window air conditioner hidden, my friend and I did not suffer from the drastic heat like some of our neighbors did. My good friend and I let various of our friends & neighbors crowd in our dwelling with the window air conditioner so they would not die from the drastic heat. The central air conditioners & window air conditioners that the government took were not enough to satisfy the war effort, & they were soon demanding my friend and I hand over all of our Heating as well as Air Conditioning units, but every heating & cooling supplier was closed & all of the heaters, air conditioners, air purification units, & smart control units were all taken for the war.
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