The water boiler is dying

I am starting to get a bit hungry, so I will knock out another article as well as get my grilled cheese sandwich on the heater.

The bread is still frozen, so I will have to cook the sandwich on low so that the bread defrosts so it doesn’t burn while it cooks. I will eat that sandwich with a tall glass of tomato juice, something I couldn’t handle drinking when I was young, but now have gained the taste for it after discovering how healthy it is for the body. Later I will go to the local corporation to talk with an Heating as well as A/C tech as well as see if she can help me learn the speak Spanish over the next few months. I’ve known Jen for a year or so, but she is certainly timid as well as shy as well as hasn’t talked much with me. But the other day Jen and I played music at this Heating as well as A/C corporation where Jen works as well as she seems to now look at me a bit differently, so maybe Jen is ready to talk as well as be friends. I like her energy even though I don’t know if Jen is with someone or not, so I need to figure out a way to ask without sounding weird. I could help Jen fix her heat pump in her flat, as I heard the other day from this heating corporation that Jen is going to get a new one. If she is receptive then maybe my pal and I can try to work on my language skills while also getting to know each other to see if there is any romantic chemistry between us or not.


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