The winter isn’t the best for me, and here's why this winter was a little colder

I was stoked to go outside and play in the snow when I got to my family’s house in the north.

It was winter time and Christmas was around the corner.

I had long johns, and all the things I was planning on using to stay warm with. The upstairs room had not much insulation and had an older window that was glass. We had a snow storm coming and I double checked with everyone we had wood for the fire and things like that. We had to stay warm for sure and to make sure pipes don’t freeze or door handles. We had an older house and some of the handles were wooden and metal mixed, like the handles to the shed out back. I fell asleep and woke up freezing, the heating system upstairs went out and it was important to me to make sure everyone was warm. My friend was a HVAC specialist and I’ve heard about him working on these units from time to time. I had a little heating and cooling knowledge, and how insulation worked. I took the time to call someone out to repair the unit, and the heat was back on for everyone upstairs. The old window I put a heavy blanket over, and it helped keep some of the cold air outside. We warmed the top up and all huddled down stairs by the fire. I helped the man repair the heater when he came, and he was a kind professional repair specialist. We got the heater fixed and we were back to enjoying the holidays.
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