There is a bonus to getting ductwork cleaning

I’ve been sort of ignorant when it comes to the HVAC equipment in our home.

I know the HVAC cabinet outside is part of the heat pump.

And I think the other thing inside is the air handler. Of course, I have a fairly close relationship with the thermostat. But there is a part of the HVAC system that I just didn’t even consider. That would be the ductwork. I just don’t think about it because I tend not to even see it unless I’m in the attic. And that’s a job for my husband. Actually, all the HVAC stuff is sort of on my husband. He changes the air filter each month. I know he does other stuff as well. I’m pretty sure we are part of the HVAC service plan the HVAC company offers. That’s because he used to set the HVAC maintenance appointments but forgot once and had to pay a service fee. So I felt sort of dumb when the HVAC technician asked me if our ductwork had ever been cleaned. What I found out was that it sure hadn’t since we bought the place. And so we called back and set up an appointment for the ductwork cleaning. The crew did a great job and the air ducts were cleaned thoroughly. Another thing I didn’t know about air ducts is that after the ductworking cleaning comes the ductwork sealing. This part actually will end up saving us money as it significantly increases the level of HVAC efficiency. And it will help keep the air ducts clean for a lot longer as well.

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