There was a small camera mounted in the air vent

I had a particularly sticky situation at toil the other morning.

  • I have literally never run into anything like this before, & I wasn;t sure how to handle it.

I told the guy & guy who owned the house, of course, & then I called it in to our boss; Part of myself and others feels like I should have also called the police, however I believe it actually is not our decision to do that, but our supplier has never worked on this apartment before, so at least I believe it wasn’t 1 of our boys responsible. Basically, I found a small camera mounted inside the air vent of the main powder room. It was so small it sat between the slats of the air vent, & had a full view of the powder room. Before saying anything to the owners I evaluated every other air vent, grate, & exhaust port in the house, & found 3 more cameras. Whoever did this wouldn’t necessarily need any experience in HVAC work, however the fact they were all situated in air vents was fishy to me. The HVAC supplier I toil for was upset about this, just on general principles because these clients are nice people. He called around to the other HVAC suppliers & vendors in the section to find out if anyone else had worked that house. I never thought that would be something to check for, however from here on out a general HVAC inspection from myself and others will always include checking for hidden cameras. This is some kind of crazy sick world we live in, isn’t it?

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