They’re helping me with housing

It wasn’t easy getting myself afloat again after I graduated from school.

I’ll never forget that feeling the month after I first gained our diploma when I realized I was on the hook for student loan payments within the next couple of months.

My only task was an area position finally working the money register at a clothing store. This definitely was enough to float me through school on ramen noodles, however it wouldn’t supply me a means of residing. And, of course, by the time the student loan payments were due, I wouldn’t have enough leftover in my account each month to fulfill the smallest accepted payment to stay out of default. Thankfully right about then, this is right around the time when I saw the task listing that would change our whole life forever. I was browsing task listings on Craigslist a single morning when I saw a bank was hiring a teller as an entry level position. I worked at the place for more than four years and l received every possible skill they were willing to teach me. This even provided me the launchpad to job for a financial firm in a major city, although I had to figure out how to get there. Thankfully our up-to-date company is going to be paying for a furnished short term rental while I search for our own long term residing situation. This short term rental has everything I need, from a kitchen full of totally up-to-date appliances to a comfy couch and recliner in the residing room. Although I’m in no hurry to leave this up-to-date residing space, I sincerely suppose that I have a limited time frame before the lease expires.



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