Thinking differently about HVAC helps

The old central air unit wasn’t any good

I just found out there is a lot more to owning a home than I had previously imagined. After over a decade of renting, I thought owning a how would just be the next natural step. Only that the HVAC would be so much better in my own house. And I would be creating equity in something instead of just paying rent. Those two ideas were absolutely true. It’s just all the other stuff that I am trying to figure out. The only way I could get into a house was to buy a starter home that was a bit of a project. That’s exactly what I got. My wife and I were committed from the beginning to doing much of the work on our house together. While there were things like the HVAC and the counter tops that we had to get done professionally, we did a lot of the other stuff. Namely, we did all our own demo, painting and the stuff that we could do. It has been quite a project and one that was far more intense than I thought it would be. However, we just cleared a big hurdle not too long ago. We were faced with a bit of a problem when it came to the HVAC. The old central air unit wasn’t any good. But we didn’t want to have to replace the ducts. So our HVAC contractor suggested we go a different way and use ductless HVAC. This was absolutely the perfect solution for our situation and the HVAC is the best we have ever experienced.


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