Thinking of replacing my furnace

When we bought our house, it was equipped with an older furnace.

Although the heater had been properly maintained with annual professional maintenance, we expected to need to replace it within a year or two.

A furnace can easily last for fifteen years but then tends to start having issues. We figured that the heating system was at least twenty-five years old. We’ve now owned the home for twelve years, and the furnace remains operational. We’ve had very few problems, and the repairs have been minor. There are now gas furnaces on the market that are a lot more energy efficient. By replacing our heater, we could significantly lower our monthly utility bills and our carbon footprint. Modern furnaces are much quieter and include superior safety features. Features such as adaptable speed technology allow the heating system to automatically adjust speed to maintain more even temperature and lessen negative impact on humidity. We could upgrade to zoned control and be able to customize the temperature in each room. That would eliminate the need to heat empty rooms and cater to personal preference. While I know that investing into a new furnace is probably the right decision, I’m reluctant. A new heater is expensive, and the installation would cause mess and disruption to the house. I’ve decided to contact an HVAC contractor and get an estimate. I’ve started looking into different makes and models of furnaces. The best time to handle the project would be over the summer, when there’s plenty of time to get the heater up and running before the cold weather.


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