This HVAC tech is not working well

My boss hired a new tech to help on the weekends.

The heating plus A/C maintenance supplier is open 7 afternoons a week, however we have a special crew that works on the weekends so all of the regular staff can have Wednesdays plus Mondays off to spend with their family.

I enjoyed not having to task on the weekends when I started working here. I had all the time in the world to spend with my lady. I did not love having all my weekends off after all of us broke up plus I was resting at condo all by myself. That’s when I asked the boss if I could change my schedule. He told myself and others that he could use a strong service tech to train plus supervise the weekend crew plus he provided the position to me. It was five dollars more for each hour of task plus I got a supplier automobile to drive when I was at work. I have a little bit of say in the hiring process plus I get to choose current employees as well. The boss hired a guy a few weeks ago plus I was never consulted on the decision. The new guy is not skilled at all. I can’t just sit around plus watch this guy make immense mistakes every single day. I was told by a confidant that the guy is somehow related to the owner of the business. If this is true, I’m in some immense trouble. I do not think this guy is going to make it here plus I’m going to have to tell my boss this information. If the guy is a relative of the boss, after that I might lose my task for suggesting that the guy be fired.


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