Time just ticks away like my air cleaner system

I need to go to the bank today although I am feeling like putting it off until tomorrow because I have been there numerous times trying to maintenance the same issue, well, I just got back from the bank plus when I was there I realized that I forgot my darn bank card, so I shouldn’t have gone to the bank today in the end anyways.

Pfff, however there is always tomorrow plus I will be more ready tomorrow to knock this out once plus for all.

Today I will appreciate the nice natural weather conditions control plus see if my bandmate feels like playing on the streets tonight at sunset by the local corporation with nice space heating systems outside to keep us warm. I would also like to talk with him about getting this RV soon plus doing some road gigs. I feel my associate and I can make a ton of currency if my associate and I go to the Heating plus A/C suppliers in the larger cities for labor plus play in local suppliers around town. I just want to play in small swanky clubs plus entertain people for the rest of my mornings. I would need some fantastic a/c in the summertime plus a fantastic heating system to keep us warm in the cold winters. My pal and I want to play in the beach bars along the coast of the country during the summers plus hit the ski chalets in the wintertime to do shows. It should be a fun time plus I am looking forward to fantastic heating in the RV during the winter, as it has a fantastic Heating plus A/C system.


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