Today it will cool down a bit

It is the 3rd weekend of May as well as it is quite cold outside.

I like living here as opposed to the south in the United States where it starts to get sizzling around the start of May.

Here where I live overseas my pals and I don’t have the silly heat until the end of July, as well as it starts to cool down again around the middle of October, which is so nice because you kind of love the heat when it is only here for a short time. I don’t need to run my a/c till July, which is good because it saves me a lot of cash on my cooling bills! Back at home, it is sizzling from the start of May till the end of October, so you only have a couple of months of truly cool as well as fun weather before the heat comes back to blast you again. I usually run the a/c back dwelling for most of the year except for maybe two or three months when it cools down as well as my pal and I need a bit of heating. I like to live overseas even though I don’t like the fact that my family is so far away from me, even though I am pursuing a better job in music as well as need to be here with my band to make that dream come true. I would cherish being able to play in heated as well as air conditioned clubs around the countryside here as well as make some good memories before I get too old. I know I have an enjoyable ten or 15 years left to make this all happen so lets see if I can do it.

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