Traded the furnace for the heat pump and not looking back

It was not the easiest of decisions.

But with the state of our life, I thought a fresh start might be in order.

I’m living proof that too much time spent inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office will cost you. It cost me our family. And it wasn’t like our partner just suddenly or randomly decided to file for divorce. No, there was counseling and all the other stuff. My ex partner really tried and I didn’t do anything but continue to labor like our life depended on it. I reached the achievement level I was aiming for but it cost me everything that was of real value to me. The teenagers are now in university and our ex is delighted with her life. I, on the other hand, was miserable. I built that corporation that was so crucial into a sizable success. So successful that I was bought out for a staggering sum of money. But soon after, I was just an additional piece of furniture in that zone controlled HVAC of the offices. So I folded it up, kept our seat on the board and resituated to take a stab at a new life. I’m a relatively young lady in our early 50’s. So, I moved out of the gas furnace region for the heat pump region. And recognize me, there isn’t much need for HVAC heating where I live now. The heat pump is put to nice use though as we need a ton of HVAC cooling. However, I’ve found that our new beach home is a nice arena to be and I’d much rather deal with than HVAC heating all winter.
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