Treating the air con unit well

It sometimes just blows my mind the way some folks take care of their property. All I have to do is go for a bike ride somewhere in town and I see examples of homeowners who either gave up or never cared. I like to get out of the central air conditioning of my home to get exercise on a legitimately proper basis. Weather permitting, I’ll make forays outside of the air conditioner every afternoon if I can. Biking is my thing and I’m not a drastic cyclist with the five thousand dollar bike and outfit to match, as I see these guys all the time. No, I have a good bike, a helmet, and some padded bike shorts for my butt. That’s all I need to take a ride. And no matter where I go, I see people who just let their homes go. Sure, I understand that it takes time, money, and effort to take care of a home and property. But we’re talking essential stuff here. I take care of my home and the stuff in it. That goes for the heating and cooling component as well. I make sure that the heat pump gets seasonal HVAC repair every single year. In fact, the HVAC specialist was just here to do the air conditioner tune up last week. And I change my HEPA air filter every single month as well. That and I walk the home to be sure that the HVAC air ducts are all open and unblocked. I also check on the HVAC component outside to be sure that there is no debris on it or around it. Again, this does take some effort but it’s basic stuff here and yet, so many people just don’t even try.

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