Types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings

Residential and commercial HVAC systems differ in power and size.

Typically, residential heating and cooling units are smaller with less power.

Commercial buildings range from small shops such as coffee shops to large warehouses, office buildings, and public spaces. Commercial HVAC systems have different heating and cooling setups, capacities, and layouts to meet these diverse HVAC applications. There are various solutions used in large-scale commercial HVAC systems. They include rooftop units that rely on ducts to distribute air into the rooms, hot air furnaces that provide heat by burning fuel or radiant heaters for direct heat, and heat pumps that utilize water or air for heating. Other solutions such as chillers which generate cool water and distribute it to air cooling coils via a pipe, are also used. The first commercial HVAC system type is the single split system. These are the most affordable commercial HVAC system type that are ideal for small commercial buildings. They cool and heat individual spaces, making them suitable for small offices, cafes, shops, and server rooms. You may also use them as a supplemental option to serve multiple rooms or larger areas. Next is the multi-split system air conditioning system. These systems work similar to single-split systems but can connect extra indoor units to the single outdoor unit. It is ideal for offices, restaurants, and shops. Then there is the VRF and VRV. The two terms can be used interchangeably when referring to this commercial HVAC system. They are ideal for medium to large applications like in larger offices, hotels, and retail shops.


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