Use your head and join an HVAC service plan

Honestly, I do my very best to keep my nose to my business.

This is the best way for me to just get along and deal with life.

It’s a perspective that has become even more important as I see just more and more asinine behavior all around me. But sitting in my recliner all cranked up with emotion over someone else’s stupidity doesn’t do me any good at all. That’s just the truth. Still, it’s hard sometimes to deal with people who just simply refuse to acknowledge facts. I have a neighbor who I have to avoid at nearly all costs. He’s just so annoying that it makes it tough to deal with. I’d rather hide inside the air conditioning than go outside when he’s in his yard. In fact, I’ll sit inside my car with the air conditioning on and make a call just so I don’t have to deal with him. The guy just is such a conspiracy nut that he believes just everything is a scam aimed at him. The last time he caught me, he gave me chapter and verse on what a ruse HVAC maintenance was. It just went on and on how the HVAC company was soaking me for money that I didn’t need to spend. Finally, I had enough and told he that an HVAC service plan was both super logical and an investment in my HVAC equipment. I was angry and I had to stop myself and go inside. So I have to admit that it was with a bit of glee when I saw the HVAC company van outside his house doing HVAC maintenance the other day.


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