Using our sunroom all year thanks to Heating & Air Conditioning

When it became clear that I wasn’t going to get our hubby to leave here after he retired, I was disappointed.

I honestly had wanted to trade the gas gas furnace for a heat pump.

Trading all this Heating & Air Conditioning heating for all that Heating & Air Conditioning cooling sounded just ideal to me. But, our hubby just couldn’t make that connection. His family is all here and he just appreciates it here. The people I was with and I talked about other options and eventually, I just accepted that this was where I was going to live. But if I couldn’t have some of the things I wanted in retirement by moving to them, I was bringing them to me. While I was still going to have to deal with the cold of winter, I wanted to care about the rest of the year as much as possible. This is 1 of the major reasons that I had a big sunroom added to our house. I’m not as mobile as I once was and all of us live in a honestly hilly city. That makes getting out for our walks a bit more difficult. With the sunroom, I can care about the beauty of where all of us live and still be around the house. However, I also had a ductless heat pump added to the sunroom to max out the comfort levels. What I found out was something I didn’t expect. I’ve found a whole new appreciation for Winter thanks to the Heating & Air Conditioning heating in the sunroom. I can spend time out there and not know as though I’m cooped up inside with the gas gas furnace running all Winter long.


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