We agreed I’d pay for the cooling system

My fiance has completely changed my life, and I am forever grateful for her.

Look, I know many stories always go the other way around.

A guy who is well off comes into this girl’s life and makes her shine. Usually, when it’s a well-off lady helping her man, things don’t seem to end well. But, the pandemic hit me hard, and I was almost losing my mind. When I met Jillian, I was at a bad place, and had gone to seek help at this facility in the city. She is the daughter of the main donor, and we began talking about life. I came to learn that she’d also suffered a huge loss of a child and a marriage. So, she was also benefiting from the services at the center, and that’s why she pressed her dad to keep supporting it. After a year of knowing one another, we fell in love, and she helped me out financially to reopen my small diner. It was a good time to do this since 2022 saw the restaurant business come back to life. Not once did Jillian make me feel bad for needing help, and I promised to pay her back. She refused, but I was determined to do that. That summer the diner needed a new cooling system. Since Jillian was helping with the running of the place, she began to make plans to have a new cooling system installed. However, I told her I’d pay for the cooling system since business was booming. She wouldn’t accept me to pay her back for reviving my business, but I knew she wouldn’t stop me from purchasing the new cooling system.

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