We got married at the church while the HVAC repairs were being made.

I had no great expectations of my wedding being the wedding of the century.

  • It was to be simple and elegant, and I was having it in our family church.

We planned to have the church free almost a year before it was to occur. My sister helped me make the arrangements for the reception, and we had all the plans decided on within six months of becoming engaged. The day of the wedding was stunningly beautiful. It was in the seventies and comfortable. I assumed the minister forget the date when he set up for the HVAC technicians to arrive and work on the HVAC system. It was funny when we heard about the HVAC technicians. I laughed and my sister just shook her head. She said it was a good thing we didn’t have great expectations. The HVAC company would be installing the HVAC system the entire time we were having our ceremony. We went to the church and hoped it would not be as noisy as we were expecting. The noise didn’t drown out our vows, but it was enough to keep the audience tittering. Instead of an elegant and reserved wedding service, they interrupted us with shouts and sounds of metal scraping. They were installing the new ductwork, and installing the furnace in the basement. A couple of the HVAC technicians sat in the church and watched the wedding when they weren’t working. When we were getting ready to go to the reception hall, one of the HVAC technicians came up to me and handed me an envelope. They took donations to give us a gift, as a thank you for not get angry with the noise they were making.


We got married at the church while the HVAC repairs were being made.

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